Holy waters


Panoramic picture of one of many holy lakes in Tibet

Yamdrok Lake is called the most beautiful water in the world. The Tibetan means ‘green jade lake on the pasture’. It is regarded as the turquoise earring that a goddess scattered before the eyes of the Tibetans.

From whatever angle you look you are not able to see the complete lake. She has three sisters — Kongmucuo (空母错), Chencuo (沉错) and Bajiucuo (巴久错). The three lakes, in addition to Yamdrok Lake, are linked hand in hand, foot by foot, to form the boundless holy lake beyond our eyes. She wings among the mountains for over 130 kilometers. Only on a map can you surprisingly find that she is like an earring affixed to an ear-like mountain range. As the sun shines on Yamdrok Lake at different times she will appear dreamy blue with rich spectral levels.

One of the wonders of Yamdrok Lake is that the water originates from the snow water of Nyenchen Tanglha. However, despite there being no outflow, there is no change in the water level at all. The influent snow water and the natural evaporation have an amazing dynamic balance.

Shot in Tibet 2015

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